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The Connected Freight Management Platform for Enterprise

Helping global businesses with complex supply chains automate their freight using AI.

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International shipping costs can be highly variable and hard to keep a handle on. Having dozens of domestic freight carriers in numerous locations makes i difficult to keep track of costs. FreightDesk helps keeps track of costs, from request to quote to delivery.


When shipping containers by sea and rail, pallets by road and air it is difficult to keep track of your deliveries. Consolidate all your consignments into one screen and be alerted when issues arrive automatically. FreightDesk helps keep track of goods, no matter who they're with.


Are you making decisions based on assumptions because it takes too long to gather the information you need? With FreightDesk, all of your carrier contracts and historic freight data available in one place, making it easier to plan & implement changes quickly and predictably.

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Jobs at FreightExchange

FreightExchange Team

Cate Hull
Founder @FreightExchange • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @Ernst and Young, @Citibank @CommBank. BA.MBA
Martyn Hann
15 years leading software development in the supply chain and logistics industries.

FreightExchange Investors

Rayn Ong
Investor at Passionate startup tshirts collector (size M). Ex half-stack developer. Mentor @Startmate, LP @Blackbird Ventures
Renata Cooper
Founder and CEO of Forming Circles. Investing in tomorrow’s economy today by funding and mentoring women-led technology startups.
Andrew Coppin
Company Director Corporate Adviser and Mentor Early Stage Investor

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