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Energy solutions and industrial IoT for the built environment.

FreeWire builds connected battery systems and brings clean power to applications where never possible before. Read More
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What We're Building

FreeWire Technologies builds mobile, connected energy systems delivering power to devices of all sizes.

FreeWire’s Mobi Gen Series is a power delivery system - all the power and versatility of diesel generators without the noise and fumes. Our Mobi Gen units has been used on film sets to provide indoor power, on construction sites to reduce noise and local pollution, and even this year’s March for Science in Los Angeles, CA.

FreeWire’s Mobi Charger Series is the first ever, mobile electric vehicles charging station. Mobi Chargers offer similar electric vehicle charging speeds as traditional fixed stations; all while completely disconnected from the grid.

AMP - our intelligent cloud-based platform sits on top to provide operational resources for Mobi Chargers and asset management functions for a network of Mobi Gens to provide data analytics and predictive maintenance functionality.

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Jobs at FreeWire Technologies

FreeWire Technologies Team

Arcady Sosinov
CEO & Founder @FreeWire Technologies . @UC Berkeley MBA. 5 years in finance & hedge funds @GMO @Pwc. Deep knowledge of the automotive industry.
Jawann Swislow
Software industry veteran now pursuing hardware. Co-founded FreeWire Technologies to find high-value uses for second-life EV batteries that meet customer needs.
Rich Steele
Co-founder @FreeWire Technologies, Sr. Engineering Manager @Leyden Energy, Lead Device Manufacturing Engineer @Health Hero Network
Mark Langer
Senior Systems and Controls Engineer
Yeshasvi Mahadev
Michigan Engineer; Master of Energy Systems Engineering; Passionate about renewable energy. Poet and Writer.
Elena Lucas
Co-founder & CEO @UtilityAPI • Forbes 30 Under 30 • Cleantech • Studied at @UCSD @Loyola University Chicago
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FreeWire Technologies Investors

Andy Smith
Tech VC investing in IoT. Venture Mentor to Lean Launchpad. Co-author of The Dragonfly Effect (marketing strategy book). @Intel @Dolby Laboratories @PwC
Steve Blank
Customer Development & Secret History, Teaching at @Stanford University, @university-of-california-berkeley and Columbia
Jerome Engel
30+ years of VC and entrepreneurship experience. Adj Prof UC Berkeley, GP Monitor Ventures, author - Global Clusters of Innovation
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