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A.I. scheduling assistant for teams and enterprises: cross-company meetings 10x faster!

At FreeBusy we Do Epic Sh*t! We are bringing to the 21st century group scheduling which is a necessity for how we all get stuff done. The way we interact with email has evolved somewhat in the last 20 years, but calendars is stuck in the 90s. The only recent innovation is around making the calendar view prettier and more useful to the owner. Read More

What We're Building

Calendar usage grew tremendously in the past few years fueled by adoption of cloud services and mobile devices. Unfortunately, appointments are spread across many services and we are still wasting a lot of time in back-and-forth emails or phone calls. It's often impossible to share real-time availability with others because Outlook and Google Calendar don't work cross-company.

FreeBusy is a scheduling assistant powered by A.I. to coordinate meetings 10x faster with contacts inside and outside your company. You can interact with FreeBusy on the web, smartphone, and desktop, using voice, chat, and email. FreeBusy
works with existing calendars (Google, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud,, etc.) and you can link as many as you have (work, personal, school). Easily share unified availability with business contacts whether they use FreeBusy or not.

Our current focus is to increase enterprise agility when scheduling meetings cross-company. Watch our story

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Stefan Negritoiu
Founder & CEO @FreeBusy • Past: cofounder @Startup Genome, built @Xbox @Microsoft • Studied at @Duke University
Eke Wokocha
Class of 2020 student at MIT studying Computer Science and Business Management.
Sam Claassen
Growth Hacker + Digital Designer
Macrina Damian
I design interfaces for screens of all shapes and sizes. I love doing the whole process, from wireframes and prototypes to final art direction and visual design
Michael Heath
Software Engineer and Product Manager with 20 years experience.
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What makes FreeBusy a unique place to work at?
Most high energy badass startup i worked in and was different then the usual copy paste problems that a lot of people are doing (Food delivery, House sharing, Shared economy stuff). This is different its competing with the likes of Microsoft, Google, Facebook which are working on A.I, making sure we are on the forefront of the changes from apps to bots. It's the future using machine learning to create the next real Jarvis for scheduling.
Abdul Hafez
Growth Hacker at FreeBusy since 2016

Our Investors

Charlie Kindel
Director at Amazon. Founder, @FreeBusy. Mentor, advisor, & angel. Geek.

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