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"Frame is both the future of software distribution and personal computing in the post-mobile era I’m going to call ubiquitous computing." Robert Cringely, Forbes. Read More

What We're Building

Forbes calls us "the future of computing in the post-mobile era." We call Frame a true revolution in app delivery. Frame is the first and the only multi-cloud platform that lets enterprises deliver Windows apps to users on any device, anywhere. We have built Frame for the cloud from scratch for best performance and minimal administrative overhead, with focus on security and fully programable API access. With users in 206 countries and major global enterprises - such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, and Autodesk - as customers, Frame is quickly becoming a world leader in delivering secure software-defined workspaces at scale.

In a World overcrowded with startups, a company like Frame is more scarce than ever. A team of exceptional individuals developing a product which aims to close the large gap between "traditional desktop" and "web" applications, enabling World's largest software vendors like Adobe, Autodesk or Solidworks to transform themselves into modern SaaS companies, and easily catch up with today's dominant web app trends.
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Open Positions


Nikola Bozinovic
Founder @Frame • Founding CTO at @MotionDSP • Research @Microsoft • PhD @Boston University ECE, Dean's Fellow • National revolution leader in Serbia (1990s).
Darko Ilic
Founder @Frame • Early employee & generalist @MotionDSP • @Carnegie Mellon University • Worked on OLPC & Red Hat • Co-founded & ran a nonprofit in Serbia
Ivan Vuckovic
Founder @Frame , Early employee & tech lead @MotionDSP
Justin Boitano
VP of Marketing @Frame, GM @Nvidia GRID, Led Enterprise Marketing @Nvidia , MBA Marketing, BS Computer Science. Triathlete, Kiteboarder & Skier.
Mina Bozinovic
Content Editor @Frame English Ph.D. @Boston University
Carsten Puls
Founded/grew 8 startups in 20 years pioneering new markets including modular robotics, PXI, PC Blades, desktop virtualization, VDI and Platform-as-a-Service.
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Our Investors

Matt Mochary
Co-Founded Totality (sold to Verizon), co-founded Fortune Oregon Data Centers (sold to ASB Capital).

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