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NoSQL Database with Transactions

David Rosenthal
Founder. Visual Sciences' 1st hire, inventor of visualization and big-data tech, CTO, managing 80+. IGF Winner. @MIT CS '02.
Nick Lavezzo
Co-Founder at @FoundationDB. Previously worked with FDB team to build @Visual Sciences, data analytics software co. sold to @Omniture in 2008. Former CPA with E&Y.
David Scherer
Co-founded Visual Sciences in 2003, a high performance data analytics product which is used by Fortune 500 and the US Gov't. Sold VS in 2006 for $60MM.

FoundationDB is a new database engine. It combines the most important trait of traditional databases (ACID transactions) with the distributed design, fault tolerance, and high scalability of NoSQL databases.

We've solved the hard problems of database consistency, fault tolerance, and scalability so that developers can spend their time adding value and features to their applications, rather than continually re-architecting them to handle increasing numbers of users.

Washington, DC, Cambridge, MA
11-50 employees
$17M Series A in 2013
$5.7M Seed in 2011
Cloud Computing, Big Data, Deep Information Technology, Databases

FoundationDB Jobs

$70K – $140K Salary
0.003% – 0.015% Equity
Full Time · Washington, DC
$70K – $140K Salary
0.003% – 0.015% Equity
Full Time · Cambridge, MA


Ben Collins
Ben Collins
@Georgia Tech CS grad. Developer at @FoundationDB since Aug. '10. Previously at MITRE developing remote sensing analytics software for US Gov't.


Shan Sinha
Shan Sinha
Founder of @Highfive and Angel Investor. Ran @Google Apps for Business Founded @Docverse (acquired by @Google) Worked at @Microsoft
SignNow, FoundationDB, MileWise, Crocodoc, Emerald Therapeutics, Sincerely, MemberSuite, Inc.
Cal Simmons
Cal Simmons
Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, and Author
FoundationDB, Revinate, Triporati, Parature, Five Guys Burgers, Industry Dive, VIP Desk, ReelGenie, SocialToaster, Pinxter

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