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What Dropbox and Pokemon would procreate

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What We're Building

Fotovillas is a social engagement platform for people who share photos, videos and music. The entire system of Fotovillas works much like a social game -- all users have a common goal of earning different rewards the more they interact with one another by sharing the media files they upload into their own repository. Basically, the more you share with others, the more cool stuff you earn.

We haven't launched yet, but we have a substantial amount of initial users who are already signed up.

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Faisal Feroze
Owner of a Website Development Startup | Ruby on Rails Website Developer | Website Designer | Internet Entrepreneur. Currently working on an awesome project.
Ivan Vega
6+ years of Ruby on Rails bliss :)
Daniel Hug
front-end developer

Our Investors

Elliot Silva
Served as a fire control technitian for 5 years in USNAV Sumbmarine force, presently with GNC for over 7 years, proficient in economics, nutrition and politics.