Forrest Woolworth

COO at @PerBlue. Co-Founder of @Capital Entrepreneurs. Worked at Cisco and GE Healthcare. I love building things.

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What I Do

I love building things and want to continue to do so. I've helped build companies, community groups, products, and teams. I want to make Madison into a top spot to be an entrepreneur.


I am a co-founder and current director of Capital Entrepreneurs. It was started in 2009, and our group has grown from 10 entrepreneurs to over 150 today. Capital Entrepreneurs serves as the cornerstone of Madison's entrepreneurial community. I am also an organizer of Build Madison, a 24 hour create-a-thon that brings together Madison's creative and tech communities to work on some awesome projects.

I am an original team member at PerBlue. My current role is Brand Director, and I’ve worn many hats since PerBlue was founded in 2008. I’ve been involved with many of our projects as a software engineer, project leader, and more. I've helped take PerBlue from 5 people working on an idea in a college apartment, and grown it to be successful company with over 35 full time employees.

What I'm Looking For