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We're transforming large organizations with chat, machine learning, and A.I.

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As the VP Product at Footprint Labs, you'll be the leader of our product and engineering teams.

Working directly with our CEO (head of product), your mission is to achieve product parity across all platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, mobile web, and desktop web--in parallel.

This means any action you can take on Footprint can be performed on every platform.

This means our production releases across all platforms are synced, too.

This means you're the captain, now.

About You: You're a missionary at heart and a proven technology leader both in your head and in practice.

You can execute software across multiple platforms, in parallel. You can build and manage a backlog, deploy resources accordingly, manage product managers and designers, and keep the backlog and other instrumentation devices updated weekly. Engineers, Product Managers, and Product Designers like working with you and for you. You play well with marketing and sales. You believe in an innovation-first approach but are well grounded in serving customer needs. When making decisions, you're skilled at making sense of gut vs. data. You've worked with distributed engineering teams. You understand and believe in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. You don't believe in process for process' sake, however, and can distinguish between tasks that need to be fully automated and those that need a lighter touch.

You want to help build a world-class company.

- Manage product delivery across web (cross-browser), mobile web, iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop apps
- Manage product design across web (cross-browser), mobile web, iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop apps
- Manage design, product, and engineering communication
- Work closely with the CEO to define product
- Write software specs and manage the writing of specs
- Prepare product presentations to the CEO and board
- Recruit, train, and expand the entire product team at Footprint
- Instrument everything
- Talk to customers

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