Jobs at Foodworks

We help people start and scale quality food brands.

We operate at the crossroads of empowerment and food. We help nascent food entrepreneurs succeed and grow, eating creative and unique food along the way. We care about affecting change in the food system, and we care most about the people that make that possible.

What We're Building

Foodworks is a network of delightful cooking spaces, expert mentors, and inspiring entrepreneurs.

We operate beautiful, shared commissary spaces that entrepreneurs can rent to scale up their production and launch nascent food enterprises. We create community through our shared co-working spaces, events, and cross-promotional activities. We also have 75+ mentors that cover a wide range of topics, from fundraising and accounting to legal and social media strategy. Foodworks also operates a full software platform for food businesses to connect with other folks in the industry.

Jobs at Foodworks

Foodworks Team

Michael Dee
Co-founder of Foodworks.
Nick Devane
CEO @Foodworks Interested in the intersection of online and in-person communities.
Cindy Au
VP Community at Foodworks. Previously @Kickstarter.
Edie Feinstein
Managing Director @Foodworks. Previously @Dinner Lab.
Zachary Drossman
Product at The Foodworks Previous: Head of Mobile / Lead iOS, Leo Health, iOS instructor, The Flatiron School Engagement Manager, Oliver Wyman (media / tech)
Nicholas Sopchak
Curious Mind. ••• Fueling The Food Revolution @homemade-2
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