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an easy way to grow & share homegrown food with your community

If you're interested in working with us, please check out & send us a direct email. Thanks!

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What We're Building

Our mission is to provide access to fresh, healthy real food.

We enable people to turn their yards into farms (aka "foodscapes") and share the harvest with their community.

Whether you have yard space to grow food, are already growing food, or just want to eat the food grown in your zip code, join us at

For companies, we set up corporate foodscapes, helping companies start & maintain farms & vegetable gardens ("foodscapes") on their campuses or other unused land owned by the company.

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Foodscape Team

Mary E Lemmer
Making a positive impact. Worked at @SoFi, @RPM Ventures • Founder @Iorio's • Studied at @University of Michigan

Foodscape Investors

Jeff Schox
Patent Attorney. Stanford Professor. First investor @Twilio. Early investor @Cruise Automation.

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