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Foodee is group meals for offices.

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What We're Building

Foodee is for offices ordering group meals from great local restaurants.

Almost every corporate customer you know orders through Foodee.

Foodee is founded by Invoke Media, the maker of Hootsuite.

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Open Positions


Jon Cartwright
Founder and Executive Chair of @Foodee . Co-founder of @Snackbox. Schooled @growlab-now-highline @invokelabsmarketing @UBC. Life long explorer.
David Tedman
Co-founder @Invoke @invokelabsmarketing @Hootsuite @Brightkit @Foodee @Biplane
Dario Meli
co-founder @Quietly @Hootsuite @Invoke @Brightkit. I'm sparkly, very sparkly.
Abbie Riley
Advancing business at the intersection of food and tech
Chris McGuire
CTO @Foodee. Sold @Brightkit to @Hootsuite in 2014
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Our Investors

Robert Martin
committed to more than his pro-rata this round.
Mike Edwards
CEO @ Creative Labs.
Yen Lee
Investor @Tynt, @33Across
Geoff Entress
Venture Partner with Voyager, focusing broadly on information technology investments in the Pacific Northwest.
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