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An all-in-one platform for the immersive internet

At FocalHub, we're creating the future of the immersive web. We are deeply passionate about defining new paradigms for how people will experience the web. We provide creative tools & services to help anyone build, manage & grow their business via 3D & VR. Read More
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What We're Building

Our mission is to define the future of the web.

We help companies, agencies, startups and freelancers utilize 3D to create a memorable, customizable, and timeless experience that serves a purpose and is core to their brand.

FocalHub provides creative tools and services to help anyone build, manage & grow their business through 3D. We allow for a fully customizable 3D space that can be updated with speed and ease through a simple, intuitive process just by the click of your mouse — We’ll even build it for you.

FocalHub's universal, device agnostic, browser agnostic and platform agnostic 3D experiences grow brand presence, directly engage individuals and capture feelings that build authentic customer relationships that foster long-term loyalty.

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FocalHub Team

Mark M.
Software Generalist - Full-stack Web, iOS, VR Engineer, UI/UX Designer. Nearly a decade of software experience.
Eric Rosemann
Visual Design Director w/ 20+ years of experience in multiple platforms, specializing in directing complex projects from concept to fully built experiences

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