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Want to be challenged in solving a broad range of engineering, design or strategic problems while inventing new products for travelers?

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Job Description

FLYR’s Data Science team writes the math and software that sit at the core of its real-time prediction and tracking technologies. Our data pipeline ingests over terabytes of data daily that must be continually feed to our prediction models and accessible for real-time analytics. FLYR is looking to add a strong developer working in a Date Engineering role to its Data Science team to help us build out our super-scalable, low-latency data pipelines that turn billions of data points in actionable information streams and grow our industry-leading machine learning and analytics platforms.

This is a software development position on our data science team. Day-to-day responsibilities include architecting and implementing mission critical data pipelines, engineering improvements to our data models and reporting capabilities, and other tool development work. This position is writing code to improve the productivity of our data scientists and writing code to capture, transform, enrich, and store data in order to improve the accuracy of our algorithms.

This senior engineer will work closely with leadership to understand and influence strategic product directions while translating those into appropriate data architectures required to support new product lines, and constantly strive to evolve the data architecture and improve its maturity levels, modularity and flexibility. Senior members of our technical team are responsible for mentoring junior engineers, evaluation and guidance to management on build vs buy decisions, and presenting detailed technical findings to both technical and nontechnical managers.

We’re looking for skilled software developers that are passionate about the latest distributed analytics technologies, machine learning and the problems encountered by anyone booking their travel plans. FLYR is fast-paced, fast-growing startup that keeps teams small and gives our engineers complete ownership of their projects and every team member has the ability to propose ideas for new products and improvements.

Current projects include:
Scale and improve our machine learning algorithm and apply to new products
Create user tracking and behavior infrastructure and analytics
Enhancing our real-time analytics testing platform
Build monitoring systems for inputs and performance to alert team of unexpected events

- CS degree or equivalent
- 5+ years of professional developer experience. Proven track record of significant technical contributions on complex interesting systems.
- Experience with data-intensive systems – and manipulation of data, data engineering, or data analysis in event or batch systems.
- Experience with as much of the following as possible: Python, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Postgres, Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, Kafka, Storm
- Experience/Interest in implementing machine learning algorithms at scale
- Ability to communicate complex topics to multiple audiences in order to help create a common roadmap between product management, product engineering, and data science.

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What We're Building

For the longest time, innovation in travel has been driven by a focus on the distribution of more, better or faster content to travelers. Sadly, innovation without the underlying product offering changing has its limits.

When we founded FLYR, we realized that particularly because of the industry’s focus on distribution, a wealth of data is available to those that can process its sheer volume. With access to various such data streams, we started understanding how products such as airline tickets are priced and what signals could help us to look into the future.

Using this insight, we create, price and distribute new financial solutions that enable travelers to lock a fare, pay over time (0% APR, No credit check), or get a discount thanks to a predicted near-future price arbitrage.

Our team consists of prize-winning data-scientists, software engineers that dream code at night, and business-building entrepreneurs with backgrounds in travel and enterprise technologies.

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Our Investors

Shawn V. Gruver
Serial Angel. Travel Junkie. Ski Addict. American Angel for 14+ years
Val Katayev
Invests out of @Poise Ventures , Founder & Managing Member at @MobileFuse, Founder & CEO at @ToneMedia (exited) & @ToneFuse (exited)
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stage agnostic investor
Alireza Masrour
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