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Flyover Partners is Matt Galligan and Shane Mac — two founders who grew up in Central Illinois and have started, sold, advised, and invested in many companies.

In the Midwest, we grew up learning that all you have is your word and a handshake is as good as gold. That's the way we believe business should be. We love being from a “flyover state.”

The connected world we live in today is much like a small town. All you have is your word and a handshake. Being on the ground in San Francisco allows us to discover and build relationships with the best founders before the rest of the world knows about them. That's what we do.

Consumer mobile is what we know and invest in. It's the area we can help with the most and we understand better than anything else. Moreover, the phones in our pockets now reach billions of people and we believe the opportunity to be bigger than any market we've ever seen before.

That said, beyond expertise and perspective, we want to be a founder's first call and be helpful however they see fit. We want to be right there alongside founders as they make difficult product and company decisions, informed by our time as operators. We want to be the person the founders call to have a drink and share the hard stuff.We aren't typical investors in any sense, we are founders who happen to invest.

To hear how we think about consumer mobile products, here's some articles we've written in the earlier days of these companies:

TapTalk (investor):
Loup (investor):

We will syndicate 100% of our deals to a select group, and about 20% to the larger group of anyone publicly wanting to join in. That decision will be made based on two factors: the allocation we can receive from the company, and our conviction for the opportunity.
Matt Galligan
Entrepreneur & product designer. Building Interchange with @picksco . Previously co-founded @circa, @simplegeo & @socialthing.
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A fantastic person that doesn't know what a wall is. Always aims high, builds amazing teams and goes the extra mile.
Matt is a great entrepreneur and thought leader, and loves to disrupt the status-quo.
I've funded all 3 of Matt's startups. The first one was at Techstars, and it was a huge (and fast) success. The second one sold to Urban Airship, which is doing great. I expect this one, Circa, my third to be the biggest yet. I love investing with Matt - he works his ass off.
Matt has done a spectacular job of crafting an amazing, groundbreaking product while juggling the duties of a leader and fundraiser. I could not have asked for a better co-founder.
Matt Galligan is absolutely an incredible guy to work with. He's thoughtful, energetic, and brings a positive atmosphere to wherever he goes. His visionary perspective is intoxicating, you can see why he's so incredibly skilled at bringing us the future.
Jay Adelson
Team Member of a company Matt Galligan founded
I've worked with him at two separate startups and have stayed connected with him over the last few years. I trust his gut and ideas, and I love the work he has done. I would totally recommend working with Matt Galligan.
True professional who has his own unique way of doing things. A very accomplished entrepreneur yet humble and eager to learn.
Matt's experience in building early stage startups to exit makes him a strong asset to our organization.
Robin Rath
For Matt Galligan's work with Pixel Press
Best product mind I know.
Shane Mac
For Matt Galligan's work with Assist
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