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flux - the messaging client for all networks

There is nothing we’d love to do more, we need flux ourselves and we’re excited about where it will grow! Read More
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What We're Building

Simplify your communication.

flux is the messaging client for all networks.
It brings together all your contacts and messages across all your networks in one trusted place.
Unified messaging, seamlessly. Easy and powerful.

All messages. All contacts. All networks. All in.

• With flux you can send and receive messages across all your email accounts and social networks from one single trusted place.
• You get total control over all your contact data across your networks. Everything up to date.
• flux will run on any device, such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.
• It keeps your communication mobile and synchronized, online & offline.
• You can search through all your communication across all your networks.
• Data security and privacy are fundamental for us.

With flux your conversations really start to flow!

There is nothing we'd love to do more, we need flux ourselves and we're excited about where it will grow!

Jan & Team

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flux Team

Jan Johannes
Founder of flux, your inbox for all networks.
Lee Tatham
Founder @RECCY

flux Investors

Alex Farcet
Co-founder of Startupbootcamp. Partner at Rainmaking, driving innovation through: Rainmaking Ventures, Rainmaking Loft and Rainmaking Innovation.
Invested in
Ralf Baumann
Senior Vice President at Deutsche Telekom AG
Carsten Mickeleit
Founder & CEO, Cortado AG

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