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Keeping employees motivated & productive as a job becomes a journey.

Talent is one of the largest expenses of any company, yet very little is actually done to know about, develop & keep people once they join. Career paths shouldn't be a mystery and are the biggest reason employees leave. At Flux we help companies know what they have & employees find the "best fit" roles at their existing companies - a combination of interests and the application of skills and experience to a role. Read More

What We're Building

Lack of a visible career path is a major reason employees leave companies. When this happens most just look outward for new jobs at other companies, but what if it was easier to look inward first at new opportunities within their current company? Enter Flux, an AI-driven platform focused on employee mobility and development. Stakes are high with millennials, now the largest segment of the workforce, only staying at their job for an avg of 17 months, leading to costly attrition. With Flux, management teams are equipped with intelligence for decision-making around workforce engagement, placement, and retention, while employees receive personalized attention, linking skills and interests to tangible progression in their career journey -- all done bias-free and at scale.

Jobs at Flux

Flux Team

Max Goodberg
BS, Engineering -> e-commerce dev -> online video advertising tech sales & service -> business operations -> corporate management -> COO -> founder
Nick Ionita
Product-focused leader with experience scaling products, global teams, and organizations. Successful exit to Comcast (FreeWheel), Haas MBA, active advisor.
Wei Wei
Co-Founder & CTO at Flux, previously VP of Engineering at FreeWheel