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Bringing AI/Machine Learning to Trade Finance

Flowcast optimizes cash flow using data science. We empower finance organizations with new ways to reduce cash conversion cycle, optimize credit/collections efforts, and enhance cash flow forecasting. Our advanced analytics solution can find patterns in customer and supplier behaviors from structured and unstructured data that can unlock true cash opportunities.

What We're Building

Better analytics. Better working capital.

Jobs at Flowcast

Flowcast Team

Ken So
Ken So ,
Innovator, Biz Dev; Founder @Flowcast; Worked @Ericsson, @Qualcomm, @Citigroup, @SanDisk; MBA @HaaS, MSEE @Illinois, BSEE @Waterloo; 11 patents
Kathryn Rungrueng
Head of Business Development at Flowcast
Kathryn Rungrueng
Head of Business Development at a fintech startup bringing AI/machine learning to trade finance
James McGuire
Worked at Flowcast
Eitan Anzenberg
Physicist, Machine Learner, and interested in all things AI.

Flowcast Investors

Tirto Adji
Technologist, Founder, Investor.

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