Jobs at Florence

An online marketplace for UK temporary nursing jobs

Florence is a revolutionary platform that connects nurses with care homes and hospitals across the UK. We're a small, experienced team located in central London using a rapid build environment where ideas and features are implemented quickly.

What We're Building

Florence is a revolutionary new tool that brings together healthcare managers and nurses looking for extra shifts. There is a well documented nationwide shortage in qualified nursing staff and 9% of UK nursing posts are unfilled. Into that gap fall recruitment agencies who fill short term vacancies but charge massive commissions for their work. Florence cuts out the middle man and connects managers directly to local, pre-vetted RGNs.

Florence's in built feedback and rating system improves accountability within the entire industry and ensure that both nurses and their employers can make the best hiring decisions. Streamlined compliance, time sheeting and payroll procedures save hours or back office time.

Jobs at Florence

Florence Team

Charles Armitage
Managing Director of Florence. Previously UK based doctor in Emergency Medicine.
Bunie Anyaegbunam, F IDM
Growth marketer with experience across business development, social media marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing.
Ib Warnerbring
Senior full-stack product creator with 9+ years experience in London. Expert in rapid MVP builds, UX and data-driven design. If I could grow a beard, I would.
Thomas Meehan
Developer at Florence

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