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An online marketplace for UK temporary nursing jobs

Florence is a revolutionary platform that connects nurses with care homes and hospitals across the UK. We're a small, experienced team located in central London using a rapid build environment where ideas and features are implemented quickly.

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What We're Building

Florence is a pioneering online platform that is taking a fresh and intelligent approach to managing the healthcare staffing crisis. Built with the needs of nurses and healthcare providers at the forefront, Florence is a marketplace that cuts out the middleman and empowers healthcare managers to find the right staff with the right skills at the right time.

Florence makes it fast, simple and cost-effective for healthcare managers to find, hire, work with and pay self-employed nurses. Florence is currently used by the largest providers in the UK independent care sector and has 1,000 fully vetted nurses performing over 10,000 hours of work per week.

Jobs at Florence

Florence Team

Charles Armitage
Managing Director of Florence. Previously UK based doctor in Emergency Medicine.
Bunie Anyaegbunam, F IDM
Growth marketer with experience across business development, social media marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing.
Joshua Balloch
Experienced Software Consultant. Previously interim Head of Tech @ Felcana
Ib Warnerbring
Full-stack product builder, UX designer and Rails developer with 10+ years experience in the London startup scene.
Thomas Meehan
Developer at Florence

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