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Floating Point Group imagines the future that an open, efficient, and global financial system can bring- through which the bankless get access to many of the amenities we take for granted and new previously unimaginable business models can emerge. The products brought to market by Floating Point Group help make the financial system safer and less volatile, giving a foundation from which the ecosystem can flourish.

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What We're Building

Floating Point Group's technology lets investors, funds, and trading technology providers access the cryptocurrency markets much easier than ever before. Like Stripe's value proposition- our API streamlines the process of building into cryptocurrency exchanges and various other trading venues. Our algorithms help route trade orders in the most efficient ways possible- saving money for our clients in a variety of ways.

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Floating Point Group Team

Kevin March
Head of Business Development at Floating Point Group- taking a scientific approach to finance.
Van Phu
AI, Cryptocurrency, Genetic Algorithms. Lead Software Architect for