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Technology that turns Accessories into Escape Buttons

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What We're Building

Flare equips women to take control. Our smart jewelry has a secret escape button to help you get out of any sitch. We are actively recruiting team members and are interested in hearing from people who are passionate about what we're doing. Please email us at

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Jobs at Flare

Flare Team

Sara de Zarraga
Co-Founder & CEO of Flare. Wellesley College. Harvard Business School. World Bank/IFC. UBS Investment Bank. Entrepreneur.
Quinn Fitzgerald
Co-Founder, Flare. Harvard Business School. The Obama White House. College of the Holy Cross.
Michael Garon
<3 working on cool stuff with great people: networked robots, IoT, AAA video games, cybersecurity. I love building powerful teams as much as I love the tech.

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