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Distributed Systems Engineer at FluidStack

London · Full Time

We have built technology which turns standard computers into cloud servers (starting with a CDN), with the aim to vastly decrease cloud delivery costs and provide a significant improvement to latency. We raised a £1.1m seed round earlier this year, and are backed by some of the original investors of SpaceX, Google and Transferwise.

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Job Description

We've built technology that allows any device to be used as a cloud server. Using this tech, we are building a global distributed cloud platform. We are working at the forefront of distributed systems, peer-to-peer networking, and cloud systems.

FluidStack's first product is a peer-to-peer CDN, designed to be faster and cheaper than incumbents. We are looking for someone to help us tackle the scalability challenges around our product. You will help us design and build out our caching, messaging, and routing systems to work across millions of nodes. You will have significant input and control over the architecture of these systems, to help us ensure that they are scalable, reliable, and fast.

We raised a £1.1m seed round earlier this year, and are backed by some of the original investors of Protocol Labs, Transferwise, and Zoopla. We have already partnered with industry heavyweights like the Guardian Media Group (one of the largest media platforms in the world), and our advisory board includes the ex-CEO of BitTorrent, ex-CTO of Shazam, and one of Akamai’s founding architects.

FluidStack is looking for a highly motivated distributed systems engineer to help us optimise the core technologies behind our first product - a massively distributed CDN.

You will be working with us to solve difficult algorithmic and distributed systems problems. Your key responsibility will be helping us build and scale applications between hundreds of thousands of nodes. Applications include our distributed deployment infrastructure and our distributed file system.

Once you've joined the team, we will get you up to speed with our system and architecture, you'll begin working with us on existing projects and tackling current problems. You will then quickly become involved in all stages of development of future projects, from ideation through architecture and execution.

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What We're Building

We are building technology to easily turn any internet-connected device into a cloud server. We've created a way to enable mass-market engagement with distributed computing, aiming to scale to millions of users within a year.

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