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Peer to Peer Networking Engineer at FluidStack

London · Full Time

We have built technology which turns standard computers into cloud servers (starting with a CDN), with the aim to vastly decrease cloud delivery costs and provide a significant improvement to latency. We raised a £1.1m seed round earlier this year, and are backed by some of the original investors of SpaceX, Google and Transferwise.

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Our vision is to build a cheaper, faster, and more ethical internet. We are working at the forefront of distributed systems, peer-to-peer networking, and cloud systems. We are VC-backed (Episode 1, Seedcamp), a great place to work, and are a friendly and very clever team.

Flare’s first product is a peer-to-peer CDN, designed to be faster and cheaper than incumbents. You will help us develop the peer-to-peer side of this, designing and building highly scalable routing and messaging systems. Working with Golang and WebRTC, you will help us build out a p2p streaming system that scales across millions of nodes. You will help us design and implement a novel caching system.

You will be a core team member in a fast-moving startup, working alongside talented engineers to build and ship a product that will be used by millions. You will be one of the first employees at Flare, and you will have direct input over the architecture and design of Flare’s systems.

About you:
● Deep experience developing peer-to-peer and networking-centric applications
● Low level understanding of network stacks and peer-to-peer protocols
● Experience working with distributed systems.
● Experience with Golang is another plus (especially with net and x/net).
● Familiarity with CDN architectures (caches, origin servers, proxies, etc) is a plus.
● Excellent team player, and experience with agile methods.

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What We're Building

We are building technology to easily turn any internet-connected device into a cloud server. We've created a way to enable mass-market engagement with distributed computing, aiming to scale to millions of users within a year.

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