Jobs at Fixt

On-Demand repairs of internet connected devices with the push of a button

We've been looking for you! Looking to get in on the ground floor of a quickly growing startup based in Baltimore? We're changing the way the repair industry works from the ground up and using some awesome technology along the way. Apply now and join us!

What We're Building

Fixt is a mobile application that helps IT Procurement at Fortune 1000 companies replace portable mobile devices by detecting damage and automating the process.

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Jobs at Fixt

Fixt Team

Luke Cooper
FinTech Entrepreneur, Lawyer @Syracuse University, wanted to play in the NBA but wound up with an MBA @Babson College. Yogi @Bikram, Father. How can I help?
Maura Housley
Marketing Manager for Fixt. On-demand Install, Setup, and Repair.
KerriAnn Eisenfelder
Director of Finance @Fixt University of Pittsburgh · BA, Account & Finance
John Lucas Garofalo
Clemson University Computer Science. Full Stack Software Engineer, Part Time Entrepreneur.
Lee Ann Mangels
17+ years in tech startup and consumer services. Expertise in helping startups in growth mode.
Eric Sauter
Engineering Manager at Fixt.
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What makes Fixt a unique place to work at?
Some startups talk about changing the world with their products but we think that's a linear approach so we take it further. We are not only changing the world with what we do, but also how we think and develop our community. We are one of the most diverse communities of hackers tackling big issues in a $25B industry. All highly intelligent, most of our leadership are women & people that come from various diverse backgrounds. If the vector of change you are seeking is multidimensional and diverse, then you should come see what we're up to.
Luke Cooper
Founder/CEO at Fixt since 2013
What is your office environment like?
Highly engaging. We had some jerks but got rid of them so there are no arrogant buttholes or stupid rules or anyone watching the clock. Just a very diverse bunch of high performing hackers that want to do something important and really enjoy working together.
Luke Cooper
Founder/CEO at Fixt since 2013

Fixt Investors

Elizabeth Kraus
Active angel. Chief Investment Officer of the MergeLane venture fund for high-growth startups with at least one female in leadership.
Patrick McKenna
Founder, HighRidge Venture Partners Board Member: Facet Wealth and Maven Investor and Advisor to technology startups in Silicon Valley and across America
Chad Nitschke
CEO & Co-Founder, Insure.VC CEO & Co-Founder, Bunker Driving innovation in established industries that are in need of change.
Paul Silber
Founding Principal, Blu Venture Investors. Founder and CEO, In Vitro Technologies (successful exit, 2006)
Ken Sawyer
Founded Saints Capital
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