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Helping drivers better understand and maintain their cars.

At FIXD, we want to take the stress and worry out of car problems, by helping drivers better understand and maintain their cars. FIXD detects check engine lights and breaks them down into terms that are simple and understandable, it reminds the driver when their cars need regular maintenance, and it connects the driver with the parts or services needed to repair their vehicle. The FIXD Sensor plugs into the diagnostic port of a driver’s car and communicates via Bluetooth to the FIXD app.

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FIXD helps drivers better understand and maintain their cars.

FIXD has two components: the FIXD Sensor and the FIXD App. The FIXD sensor relays car problems from the vehicle’s diagnostic port to the FIXD app via Bluetooth. The driver is given the severity of the issue, the consequences of continued driving, and a simple definition of what is wrong. The app then offers the driver the opportunity to schedule a service at the repair shop or find the parts they need to get the job done.

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Jobs at FIXD


Kevin Miron
Founder FIXD • 1st startup out of school • Worked at @Lit Motors • Mechanical Engineering at @Georgia Institute of Technology
John Gattuso
Founder FIXD • Worked at @GE Aviation • Studied at @Georgia Institute of Technology
Zeeshan Ahmed
Just started to work at FIXD customer support in my city Lahore.
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FIXD Investors

Jon Ezrine
3X Exits - COO @Nexidia and CFO for IPO @Witness Systems - @University of Virginia Atlanta Area Seed Investor

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