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Automated connectors built for data analysts. 5 minute setup. Zero maintenance.

Our mission is to save engineers from building in-house data pipelines, by building one automated data pipeline that everyone can use. Every single company that uses SaaS tools to run their business will eventually need to analyze the data that sits in those tools. Fivetran unlocks this data with automated connectors that converts messy, chaotic APIs into normalized, standard schemas.

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What We're Building

Fivetran fully automated connectors sync data from cloud applications, databases, event logs and more into your data warehouse.

Our integrations are built for analysts who need data centralized but don’t want to spend time maintaining their own pipelines or ETL systems.

Focus on what really matters, driving analytics for your business.

Jobs at Fivetran

Fivetran Team

Taylor Brown
Founder @Fivetran • Worked at @North Social • Studied at @Amherst College • Interested in Data, Design, UX • Love problem solving.
Katie Chin
Marketer with hands on skills for both creative and operational initiatives. Experience in tech media and b2b software.
Fraser Harris
Dir of Product @Fivetran. Former: Founder of @Second Funnel. @University of Waterloo MBA '09, @University of British Columbia Engineering Physics '06
Meel Velliste
Head of Engineering at Fivetran Previously at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University
Varun Dhall
Software Engineer @Fivetran , Google Summer of Code '15 & '17 @LibreOffice
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Fivetran is facing now?
1) Making a data pipeline that works with zero user intervention. Fivetran's core promise to users is that we will make a perfect replica of your data sources in your data warehouse and keep it up-to-date, somehow. 2) Keeping the core code separate from the connectors. We have many, many connectors that support all of our data sources; the job of the core code is to prevent a simple, predictable interface to the connectors and hide all the difficulties of scaling and interacting with data warehouses. 3) Because we interact with so many external services, testing at Fivetran is a beast. We use Bazel (Google's build tool) to achieve incremental builds, but there's still a lot more unsolved challenges in making the tests comprehensive and reliable.
George Fraser
Founder at Fivetran

Fivetran Investors

Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates
Tim Draper
Founder and a Managing Director of @DFJ
Dakin Sloss
Founder @opengov-deleted, @Tachyus • Worked at @California Common Sense • Studied at @Stanford University
Peter Fishman
Founder @Bacon Hot Sauce • Worked at @Yammer, @Playdom, @Philadelphia Eagles • Studied at @Duke University, UC @university-of-california-berkeley
Shan Sinha
Founder of @Highfive and Angel Investor. Ran @Google Apps for Business Founded @Docverse (acquired by @Google) Worked at @Microsoft
Christopher Kile
Managing Partner, Cofounder of Zeno Ventures. Board Member, Cofounder of ACE & Company

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