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iOS Developer at fittcoach

Montreal, Toronto, Remote · Contract

We are the Uber of Personal-Training. Our goal is to essentially tackle the fitness industry and simply make it affordable for everybody. Which is why we need you!

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Job Description

We are an up-and-coming start-up in the health & fitness space, based in Montreal. We were semi-finalists in the 2017 McGill Dobson Cup and are on track to releasing our product within the next few weeks.

That being said, we would love to have talented iOS Developers to join our team as co-ops or full-time employees. We're looking for individuals with iOS development experience (Swift, Firebase, Stripe)

Some of the skills we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

- Previous iOS app development expereince
- Familiarity with Firebase and/or other databases
- Experience with API integration

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More information about us can be found at our website below:

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What We're Building

Everyone knows that fitness is an important factor in helping a person live a healthy lifestyle. However, that first step towards a gym or a new exercise may be a little difficult or even scary. Now you might consider hiring a Personal-Trainer, but even those guys are a little beyond over-budget charging 50$+ per hour!

We here at fittcoach believe in bridging the gap between affordability & personal-training. Providing a mobile-based application, you can find your fittcoach based on your personal needs.

We also believe in helping the personal-training market by increasing the amount of clients a personal-trainer can reach. By becoming a fittcoach, a personal trainer will have access to a vast majority of clients in their local market.

Best of all, becoming a fittcoach doesn't require being a certified personal-trainer. We at fittcoach believe that if you know how to exercise, are a good teacher, and have an awesome workout plan. Then you too can become a fittcoach!

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Mohamed Seghaier Lamouchi
Full Stack Developer at Fittcoach