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Jobs at Fitsmind of Norway

Personalized AR fitness solution combining mindfulness with personal training

We are a team of founders previously from Google, private equity and an Olympic medallist, looking to disrupt the personal training industry and how people reach their fitness goals. Read More

What We're Building

Fitsmind delivers a personalised fitness service that combine meditation with personal training (MAP Training), to improve people's health and self-confidence.

Our team member Sara Isakovic, a silver Olympic medallist in swimming, TEDx speaker on mental training and background University of Berkeley
Our products are based on scientific research on NAVY seals, Olympic athletes and the military. We have hosted TedX talks on the topic and are now in the process of expanding this further.
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Jobs at Fitsmind of Norway

Fitsmind of Norway Team

Shyam Somanadh
Early-stage specialist with 16+ years of experience building products, platforms and companies. Now building the next big thing in integrated healthcare.
Melissa Castán
Professional Creative Developer, Video Editor & Animator for content in event production, advertising agencies and start-up business models.
Mahesha Kulatunga
Class One Honours in Software Engineering BEng from the University of Sheffield. Undertaken multiple small to medium scale projects.
Fábio S. Takaki
Currently full stack web developer at FitsMind. Lover of web technologies

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