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Fit3D is the world’s leading 3D body scanning company. We sell 3D body scanners, aggregate body scan data, and provide services to our customers and users to improve their lives with the use of 3D body scan data. Read More
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Job Description

We are expanding our sales team and are excited to work with emerging talent in the sales and business development space.

Company Description:
Fit3D is the global leader in 3D body scanning technology deployment. Fit3D designs, manufacturers, and distributes the Fit3D ProScanner. The ProScanner captures a person’s 3D body scan in 35 seconds, automatically extracts hundreds of circumference, volume, surface area, width, length, and contour measurements, and presents this information to the user via an emailed report and web platform. The web platform allows the user to collect multiple scans, interact with their information, and use their 3D body scan and measurements for a myriad of opportunities including customized products and services.

Fit3D is selling a system every two days on average since it started marketing and we are looking to scale this even faster. We have also provided more than 100,000 body scans through our distributed of scanners in the last 12 months a data rate that is growing at a pace of a scan every 3-4 minutes.

Fit3D primarily sells its ProScanners to the fitness and wellness industries.

Culture Drive Expectations:
• Continue to drive a culture of innovation, synergy, fortitude, and transparency in the company and sales organization
• Create a culture of success and ongoing business and goal achievement

• Work closely with Strategic Growth Executive and Business Development team to effectively and efficiently sell into the fitness and wellness markets
• Explore other markets where our products and services will add value
• Become a brand ambassador and advocate
• Drive sales into current target market channels while exploring new channels with management team
• Manage customer relationships and expectations to a high level of satisfaction
• Be an effective listener to the potential customer ensure that we are adding value to their business with our product
• Monitor customer, market and competitor activity and provide feedback to company leadership team and other company functions
• Travel for tradeshows, for in-person meetings with customers and partners, and to develop key relationships
• Much more, but we’ll start with this for now

Who Should Apply:
• Someone who has a proven track record of lead generation, the ability to take a lead all the way from inception to close and followup
• Someone who is either from or has a background in the fitness or wellness industry and who understands or can quickly learn the client's needs
• Someone who is mindful, driven, growth and solution oriented, and timely
• Someone is meticulously detail oriented and puts followup and followthrough as a high priority

*** If you go to sleep thinking about how your going to beat yesterday, you belong here, otherwise don’t bother as this team moves fast

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What We're Building

Fit3D is a fully vertically integrated 3D Body Scanning, Measurement, and Web Enabled Results solution. Fit3D has developed 3D body scanning hardware and software, the automated 3D scan processing pipeline, and a web platform to allow users to view their 3D scans, measurements, health risk assessments, and body changes over time.

The Fit3D ProScanner captures the entire 3D surface of the human body in 35 seconds and then processes this body automatically to extract more than 400 measurements (heights, lengths, circumferences, sagittal distances, volumes, and surface areas). The user receives their data and 3D images via an automated email and can then log in to to interact with their digital 3D body in a myriad of ways.

Fit3D has the largest dataset of digital 3D bodies with accurate measurements in the world and has some very exciting things in store for the end user based on their data.

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