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Fishtown Analytics

Software Engineer (Open Source) at Fishtown Analytics

Philadelphia, Remote · Full Time

We love data: our team has decades of experience analyzing data and building data products. If you're interested in building community-driven tools for advanced analytics, let's talk.

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Job Description

Want to empower analysts at the next Uber or Airbnb? At Fishtown Analytics, we develop open-source analytics tools that help data-savvy companies work smarter. Our software empowers hundreds of analysts across the world, and we care deeply about providing the best possible experience for them.

Our first product, dbt (data build tool,, is used at over a hundred companies, and that number is growing fast. We're looking for an experienced software developer to help us realize dbt's full potential through both active development and community engagement.

Engineering at Fishtown Analytics is remote OK. We are headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

Who we are

Fishtown Analytics was founded in 2016 by three former RJMetrics employees. While at RJMetrics, we developed strong opinions on how companies should practice analytics. Specifically, we believe that:

• Code, not graphical user interfaces, is the best abstraction to express complex analytic logic.
• Data analysts should adopt similar practices and tools to software developers.
• Critical analytics infrastructure should be controlled by its users as open source software.
• Analytic code itself — not just analytics tools — will increasingly be open-source.

If these sound like ideas you can get behind, we’d love to talk to you.

In this role, you can expect to:

• Own the implementation and architecture of dbt from planning to release
• Work closely with end users to design the best possible UX for everyone from newbies who need installation help, to power users who find the cracks in the system
• Program primarily in Python

You are a good fit if you:

• Have strong fundamentals in a variety of software development paradigms (e.g. object oriented, functional)
• Understand the difference between working code, and library-quality code
• Value interacting with end-users and deeply understanding their needs
• Are highly motivated and able to work autonomously

You have an edge if you:

• Have been the primary maintainer of an open source software project
• You have deployed installed software before via a common OS package management system, like Homebrew or Apt

At Fishtown Analytics, we are committed to hiring and cultivating a diverse team. If you are on the fence about whether you meet our requirements, please apply anyway!

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What We're Building

Fishtown Analytics is a niche analytics consultancy. We implement analytics for venture-funded startups, partnering with founders to build the scalable foundations for tomorrow's data-driven businesses.

We're cheaper, faster, and better than making your first 1-3 internal data hires, and we'll happily help you interview our replacements once it makes sense for you to hire your own internal team.

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