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Fishtown Analytics

Jobs at Fishtown Analytics

Analytics Consulting for Startups

We love data: our team has decades of experience analyzing data and building data products. If you're interested in building community-driven tools for advanced analytics, let's talk.

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What We're Building

Fishtown Analytics is a niche analytics consultancy. We implement analytics for venture-funded startups, partnering with founders to build the scalable foundations for tomorrow's data-driven businesses.

We're cheaper, faster, and better than making your first 1-3 internal data hires, and we'll happily help you interview our replacements once it makes sense for you to hire your own internal team.

Jobs at Fishtown Analytics

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    Data Analyst
    Philadelphia · Full Time · $45K – $50K ยท No Equity

Fishtown Analytics Team

Tristan Handy
Founder, Fishtown Analytics. Director Analytics @ Squarespace, RJMetrics, Argyle Social. I care about making analytics more accessible to more people.
Connor McArthur
Founder @ Fishtown Analytics. Software Engineer at Stitch / RJMetrics.
Erica Louie
data analyst for @Fishtown Analytics || content creator || UPenn C'17
Jeremy Cohen
Penn grad (Classics, Statistics), nonprofit capacity-builder, and qual/quant hybrid. Joining @Fishtown Analytics in January 2018.
Fred Shaykis
Committed to data and tech for social progress. Analyst @Fishtown Analytics; previously a researcher @The Food Trust. Princeton grad (Psychology, 2015, PBK).
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