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Coding is the new literacy, and First Step Coding can help you become coding literate in a 4-week program that is compatible with your job.

The authentic conversations you have with guest bootcamp alumni will also help you decide if making a full-time investment into learning to code is the right path for you.


Immersive programs require quitting your job, 12-24 weeks of 60+ hours studying, and more than $10-60k in tuition.

Applicants should take the time to be certain they want to make the investment and major life pivot before they commit.

All bootcamps are also not created equally, but as a new coder, it's hard to know where to start in selecting one. Much of the material on the web is so polished by marketers that it's hard to find any truth.

First Step Coding offers an impartial prep program for getting acquainted with the bootcamp space while you learn the foundations of programming.

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First Step Coding Team

Andy Tiffany
Founder @ First Step Coding
Kurt Mansperger
Product management and solution integration expert with significant experience leading global development teams in creating large scale enterprise applications.
Alex Glover
B.A. in English and Writing from Houghton College, full Stack Web Dev education from Flatiron School. Focus on Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

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