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Sr. Mobile Engineer & Founding Team at Finnest

Providence, Boston, Massachusetts · Full Time

We're in MassChallenge! Join us as we grow and launch a product that is directly challenging the way we grow up handling our money today.

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Job Description

Finnest is currently a team of 3 full time and 1 part time team members that started a mobile banking platform aimed at innovating the way school kids grow up handling money.
We seek a highly motivated, entrepreneurial software engineer to join our team and to lead the technology side. This is a great opportunity to join an ambitious start-up, co-design our technology from the ground up, become part of the management team, and to obtain a significant amount of equity as a member.

We have a well validated app concept and are constantly testing our first iteration of a product with a running MVP. Now we are moving towards launch and need to develop from ground up choosing the right stack.

We are in the process of raising capital and set up the bank program to launch as soon as possible.

Currently the Finnest team involves 4 people (2 co-founders, 1 Neuroscientist/Designer, 1 software engineer and 1 part time marketing specialist) and a fantastic board of advisors with probably the best people we could imagine covering all important areas to move forward as best as possible.

If you think that you are the perfect fit, passionate about start-ups/ fintech and equipped with the right skills reach out to us!

We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer with extensive Mobile Dev experience. This role will involve work on the front-end and the back-end of the App (iOS first) together with our team of designer and a junior developer. This is a Greenfield and we are open for your choice of stack.

For this position you have to be in the US, and being located near Providence, RI / Boston / NYC is of benefit.

Find out more at or read our recent article here

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What We're Building

Finnest is a mobile banking application and secured debit card that helps school kids to experience the world of digital money by letting them participate in it. Learning how to handle money is an experimental process rather than a tutorial one and Finnest provides this “learning by doing” training by guiding kids and their parents with the app as they earn, save and responsibly spend money.

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Finnest Team

Richard McDonald
Founding Finnest, studied engineering and entrepreneurship at Brown University
Clemens Grave
Founder @Finnest - Engineering background with strong passion for financial technology
Francesca Bartholomew
I've worked with a number of small businesses, asking the right questions to determine solutions, not bandaids.
Bharat Menon Radhakrishnan
The inner Child in me makes work fun. The inner Idealist chases solutions & never gives up. These two traits collude to bring out the best in me.
Joseph Yoo
I'm a former pole vaulter and Literary Arts concentrator who grew tired of learning solved problems, instead of solving learned problems