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Jobs at Finnest

The educational debit card for kids and teens

Finnest is shaping the next generation of responsible savers, consumers, and investors through its mobile banking application and FDIC insured debit card account for kids and teens. Winner "50onFire" RI and Tech Category Winner, Masschallenge 2017 Finalist and DCU FinTech Incubator 2018 Read More
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What We're Building

Finnest is a mobile banking application and secured debit card that helps school kids to experience the world of digital money by letting them participate in it. Learning how to handle money is an experimental process rather than a tutorial one and Finnest provides this “learning by doing” training by guiding kids and their parents with the app as they earn, save and responsibly spend money.

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Jobs at Finnest

Finnest Team

Clemens Grave
Founder @Finnest - Engineering background with strong passion for financial technology
Augusto Monteiro
Artist! Geek! Nerd! Scientist! Learn Forever! #toinfinityandbeyond @mycroft_ai
Richard Petrov
Web and Mobile Full Stack Developer. The passion to learn the latest technologies and the ability to conquer them. Backend and Frontend.
Rick Sawyer
COO at @Finnest . Advisor @Collectable. Previously @DraftKings, PE (Gemini Investors) and IB (@Jefferies)
Dominick Hera
Mobile Application Developer. Experience with Swift, Python, Javascript, Java, C, and more. Went to University of Guelph

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Finnest Investors

Ioannis Koniaris
Security @Yelp, Infrastructure & Security @SchooX

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