Jobs at Finhaven

Building a blockchain powered securities exchange

Finhaven is a blockchain-powered issuance platform for programmable equity and debt securities. The platform makes it easier, less costly, and more secure to raise capital and issue programmable securities. Finhaven combines proprietary coding with smart contract execution to facilitate the issuance and trade of programmable securities in compliance with applicable securities laws. Finhaven was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2017.

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What We're Building

We're building a #blockchain powered securities exchange. Making it easier, less costly, and more secure to raise capital and issue #tokenizedsecurities.

Jobs at Finhaven

Finhaven Team

Anna Dabrowski
BA & BComm Co-Founder of Filamentologie. Passionate about business development, branding and marketing strategy, working with data and numbers.
Dohyung "DH" Kim
DH (Dohyung) is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and educator. He loves building companies, spending time with his family, thinking and playing sports.

Finhaven Investors

Martin Ertl
Founder & CEO @Contractually acq by @Coupa Software. Co-founder, Navarik. Lawyer, DLA Piper. Law @McGill University. Physics @University of British Columbia .
Lars Klawitter
Executive Director @InMotion Ventures.Previously held positions include Head of Bespoke & CIO @Rolls-Royce,CTO @friendlyway and co-founder @ASK digital imaging

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