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Blockchain powered investment banking platform

Finhaven is dedicated to building secure, regulated solutions that have a global view. We are one part Regulatory Tech, one part Blockchain, and one part Network Economy. Read More
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What We're Building

We are building an end-to-end solution for creating, investing in, and trading tokenized capital pools in a fully regulatory compliant manner.

Finhaven's key innovation is combining legal structures with smart contract execution to facilitate the tokenization of securities. We call these Regulated Tokens, which are a class of Proof of Asset tokens. Through a web based interface, deal leads can create and manage the issuance of Regulated Tokens and run a back office process to manage investors.

We are building internal expertise around RegulatoryTech, Blockchain, and Network Economies.

Jobs at Finhaven

Finhaven Team

Boris Mann
Founder @Finhaven. Founder @Bootup Labs, first Canadian accelerator. 2 years seed investing @Full Stack.
Indra Adrian Jonklaas
Co-founder at Finhaven, a blockchain powered investment banking platform. Former Director at PKF. Angel Investor. MBA & CFA charter holder.
Anthony Nicalo
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer @Finhaven Past: VP Strategy @Mobify. CEO | co-founder @Donde. University of Michigan Debate. Michelin experienced Chef.
Tom Carchrae
I build technology to enable people to make better decisions. PhD (Machine Learning & Optimization) Currently working on the blockchain @Finhaven
Paul Ruescher
Front-End developer
Kris Burger
Design Lead @Finhaven — a blockchain powered investment banking platform. Research, design and prototype for products, services and experiences.

Finhaven Investors

Lars Klawitter
Executive Director @InMotion Ventures.Previously held positions include Head of Bespoke & CIO @Rolls-Royce,CTO @friendlyway and co-founder @ASK digital imaging