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At Figma, we are building a browser-based collaborative UI design tool that looks and feels as good as a native app. We think that this is the future of design tools, and we are looking for folks who are excited to come build it with us.

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Job Description

Figma is adding to our team of passionate people who are revolutionizing the world of design. We are building a browser-based design tool that looks and feels as good as a native application and has all the additional power and advantages that come from being built on the web platform. If you’re looking to work at a disruptive company that is building the future of design tools, welcome to Figma.

At Figma, we don’t like to box designers into specific, narrow roles. We expect Product Designers to work fluidly and collaboratively with the rest of the organization through all aspects of the design process. Because of this, we value designers who have a broad set of design skills.

* Contribute to overall strategy and decision-making about product direction.
* Work cross-functionally with engineering and other stakeholders to arrive at the best possible designs.
* Create flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals for your features.
* Work closely with Engineering to ensure a high-quality implementation.
* Help with hiring, mentoring, and establishing a culture of design within the company.

Required Skills:
* Effective at both written and verbal communication
* Can think through complex interaction design
* Able to express ideas through prototyping and code
* Proven ability to design features that ship quickly and with high quality

* Competitive salary and equity package
* Health, dental, and vision plans
* Unlimited vacation time and generous holiday breaks
* Culture of learning and development
* Company sponsored job performance coaching program
* Daily lunches and snacks
* Dog-friendly office environment

About Figma:
Figma was founded in 2012 by Dylan Field and Evan Wallace, a computer science duo who met while attending Brown University. They realized that the growing tech industry needed well-designed software more than ever, but tools to create those interfaces were stuck in the print era. Field and Wallace decided to build a new breed of application, making Figma the first interface design tool based in the browser. Thanks to technologies like WebGL, browsers could finally support such powerful creative software.

These days, Figma is leading the collaboration trend in the design community by helping UX/UI designers work easily with developers, marketers and product managers. Top Silicon Valley investors saw the potential in the company, with Index Ventures, Greylock Partners and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner investing $18 million. With that backing, Figma is pursuing its purpose to help teams around the world design great software.

Our staff is a diverse group who bring an eclectic set of experiences from Atlassian, Dropbox, Facebook, Flipboard, Macromedia/Adobe and Medium. We enjoy sitting together at lunch every day in our airy SOMA office, learning more about each other at our Show and Tells, and hosting our design friends during #Shindigma events. We focus on building our software with care and craftsmanship -- our give you a taste of that -- and we welcome talented people from all backgrounds. Many of us have special spaces in our lives -- whether it be family, social organizations, schools, or former companies -- and we're doing all we can to make Figma another one.

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What We're Building

Figma is the first professional-grade, online tool created specifically for interface design. The tool is based entirely in the browser and enables teams to collaborate in real-time. It offers the speed and stability of powerful design programs like Adobe with the versatility and collaborative flexibility of online apps like Google Docs. With Figma the design process is shareable across teams, no matter where the members are located.

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