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FG Angels is a seed/angel focused endeavor that we announced in October 2013, with the goal of investing in 50 companies by the end of 2014. The Foundry Group (through our most recent fund) has committed $2.5m to this effort (50 companies at a $50k investment level per company). We believe this $2.5m investment in a portfolio of 50 companies will generate strong returns over time for Foundry Group and for our syndicate members.

We consider AngelList syndicates to be a profoundly important development in the seed funding ecosystem and we felt it was important for Foundry Group to be a part of it.

Since we've started investing with FG Angels through AngelList Syndicates, we've completed 56 investments, raising more than $16,6 million and creating what we believe to be a broad and compelling early stage portfolio. More than 200 people are backing our syndicate, bringing the average investment from the FG Angels Syndicate to $300K. As you know, this early money is often the most difficult money for startups to raise - we're proud of the impact FG Angels has made with your support.

For more in-depth background on our FG Angels activities to date, please refer to the following blog posts and links:


For these seed investments we will focus on people over ideas (the idea is the price of admission), will decide quickly, and will run in a pack with other angels as we don’t have to be the lead investor. We will be acting like angel investors in these investments – it’ll be unlikely that we’ll follow on in later rounds, unless the company specifically fits in one of our Foundry Group themes, and we won’t be taking board seats in these companies.

Brad Feld
Managing Director at @foundry-group
Seth Levine
Managing Director at @foundry-group
Jason Mendelson
Venture Capitalist, Musician, Hiker, ex-Lawyer, Home Remodeler, Cat Herder, Adjunct Professor and Boulderite.
Ryan McIntyre
Founder @foundry-group, @excite-home • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Studied at @stanford-university
Acquired in 2019
Acquired by Twist Bioscience in 2016
Acquired by Breezeworks in 2016
Acquired by Atheer in 2015
Acquired by TURCK in 2017
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Rick Wittenbraker
CMO at @howlerbros, Partner/Co-founder of @stage-one-capital. Multiple start-ups, former private equity. Marketer and fisherman at heart.
Yoav Lurie
CEO and Founder of @simple-energy. @techstars alum (Boulder, 2011). Previously @synteractive. @duke-university alum.
Bala Kamallakharan
Founder @StartupIceland• Founder @IcelandVentureStudio • Time @capgemini @glitnir @greenqloud •Investor @buuteeq @Clara @GuidetoIceland
Steve Garfield
Social Media Traveler / Writer / Photographer / Founder: Boston Media Makers / Videoblogging Pioneer / Investor / Humorist /
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni /Stanford AI Graduate Studies If you are in the DC area ping me
Josh Guttman
Currently: @small-door-veterinary Past: @softbank-capital, @outbrain, @aol, @sphere-surphace Education: @duke-university, @columbia-university
Tyler Willis
Founder of @unsupervisedai — Investor in companies like @lyft, @patreon & @lambda-school.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Rob Leathern
Created, sold @optimal; early at @linkedin, @nextag, Jupiter, CFA holder.
Ive coinvested w many Vc's over many years and brad is a phenomenal co-investor to work with for entrepreneurs and board members
Kirk Holland
Co-investor in a company Brad Feld invested in
Brad was one of our lead mentors during TechStars last year, and he was really the first VC our team ever met.

Now that we've met a hundred more, we have realized just how different Brad is, and the many reasons can be distilled down to one: Brad treats literally everyone with humanity and...more
Kyle Wild
Founder of a company Brad Feld advised
Brad has been very helpful as our startup has grown.
Experience and network
John Battelle
For Brad Feld's work with NewCo
Brad makes quick decisions and is supportive of entrepreneurs. Wonderful to work with.
Sara Andrews
For Brad Feld's investment at Bumbleroot Foods
One of the smartest people in ad-tech you will ever meet! More importantly, one of the best people you can have the honor of knowing. Life is too short to work with people you don't enjoy being around. Seth is the man you want in your corner when your business is growing or struggling -...more
Seth is the balance you want in an investor/mentor/advisor. He's able to provide a healthy dose of insightful operational advice without losing sight of the big picture. He's definitely one of the white hats.
Seth is a straight shooter who’s fun to work with and gets the job done. He was the lead investor of our seed round and is passionate about seeing our startup succeed. What sets Seth apart is his ability to absorb information quickly and come up with smart solutions that make sense. I’d highly...more
Seth led Foundry's Series A and B investments in Spanning. He's forthright, honest, and incredibly quick-thinking. He's the rare combination of a brilliant mind and a good heart. Well, rare in the VC business anyway. :-P
He's given us great advice since the first moment we reached out to him
Peter Jacobson
For Seth Levine's work with Wedocracy
Seth has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to articulate the purpose and scope of Augl. He also shares our appreciation and excitement for the way technology can create opportunity for small businesses in the US and globally.
Megan Mason
For Seth Levine's work with Augl
Seth is the best investor I've ever met. He's been amazingly generous with his time and his advice has always been straight and helpful. He sees straight through to the root of the issue or idea.
Tomer Alpert
For Seth Levine's investment at Felt
We get things done fast together. Matches intellectual and emotional wavelength of team. Skates to where the puck is going.
Taylor Margot
For Seth Levine's work with Charmed
Jason is a great business partner and friend. He's level headed, smart and always very helpful. And a master at navigating challenging and messy situations. He's a pretty good musician, beer aficionado and house remodeler as well... I'd strongly recommend him!
Jason would make a great co-founder all by himself. He brings three other amazing business partners (Ryan, Seth & Brad). Dealings are straight forward and predictable, with no surprises and a deep sense of humor. Just don't try to BS him. Highly recommended.
Jason is one of the most affable VC’s I’ve ever met. He’s easy to approach and offers multiple creative solutions to everyday startup problems. He has opened doors for us from both investors and clients and has even gone to bat for us by testifying before congress. Not many entrepreneurs are as...more
Smart guy - huge value add!
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