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What We're Building

"Task management" is for robots. Fetchnotes is an easy way to keep track of anything (reminders, ideas, lists, etc), both personally and with other people. Everything is kept neat and organized with hashtags, and you can collaborate instantly with anyone — even if they don't have the app. We've made productivity *literally* as easy as writing a tweet.

Helping people stay organized is just one piece of the puzzle. Our vision is to make your notes better, provide context and relevant information, and actually get things done for you too.

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Alex Schiff
Bringing spatial computing to everyday life @Occipital. Prior: co-founder/CEO @Fetchnotes, VP @Benzinga, chief opinionator at The Michigan Daily. Go Blue!
Alex Horak
CTO & Co-founder at @Fetchnotes
Dirk Gadsden
Founder at @TallyVoting; backend developer at @Fetchnotes; previously at @relocality and Fuzzco.
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Our Investors

Mike Morin
Investments at Start Garden, Sr. Business Advisor Windquest Group, Mentor Director Momentum-MI Seed Accelerator, serial entrepreneur
Dan Von Kohorn
CEO @ Wolfram Ventures, Principal @Beta Fund. Software, machine learning, finance, decision support, SaaS.
Wesley Huffstutter
Technology entrepreneur and startup mentor
Norman Meisner
Investor in @Vizibility, @Localytics, @Pixability, Boston Heart Lab, @Sepsensor, @Tikatok, @Copiun, @SmartCells, @Chromis Fiberoptics, @Softricity, Synchronoss...
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