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AI based aspect based sentiment analysis engine

FELTSO is an AI platform that gives Real & Accurate Opinion Analysis Summary about any Content, Topic, Product, Service or Brand from Digital media. It's much beyond simple keyword and Aspect makes keyword more contextual. Therefore the results or opinions become more relevant and accurate. We use a unique process, “ Pre-processing “, through which we scrub, screen, clean and create qualified data set to run our Engine that gives Real and Accurate result while compared to other platforms. Our key offering is Domain-Specific Aspect based Opinion Analysis. We also offer other services like Fake review detection, Sarcasm detection, Spam detection, Code-mix parser etc.

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We help Brands/Enterprises/Celebrities to know their audience sentiment/opinion to improve Brand image and Content creation.

FeltSo received Hot 100 startup awards !!
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thota santosh
Founder & CEO of @FeltSo • Worked at @Oracle India Pvt Limited • Studied at @Iit Guwahati

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Amit Jain
My Name is Amit Jian. I have 15+ years of experience in cross border mergers & acquisition. Since the mid of 2016, I am actively involved in investments.

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