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Eyewear for Digital Eye Strain

At Felix Gray, we’ve built a fast-growing eyewear brand for the digital age. Our beautifully designed, hand-crafted Italian acetate glasses mitigate the negative effects of staring at screens all day long (sound familiar). Specifically, the clear lenses filter blue light and eliminate glare to better alleviate eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue. Read More
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What We're Building

Felix Gray creates beautiful, handcrafted computer eyewear. Our proprietary clear lens filters blue light and eliminates glare to protect your eyes from the negative effects associated with Digital Eye Strain.

Jobs at Felix Gray

Felix Gray Team

David Roger
Co-Founder @felix Gray
Chris Benedict
Co-Founder, Felix Gray
Houtan Fanisalek
CTO @Felix Gray . CS Masters @ Columbia University 2012.
Jonathan Newcomb
CMO at Felix Gray
Kim Moran
Current Creative Director for Felix Gray, a modern eyewear brand. Former Head of Creative at Away. Specializes in creative strategy, design, & brand marketing.
Bobby Shomrony
Director of Customer Experience Operations
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