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Fresh food vending for offices

FELFEL is a FoodTech company, combining innovative smart fridges (‘the FELFEL’) with analytics, machine learning and mobile development. We operate FELFEL fridges all across Switzerland and are expanding every week. We are currently a team of 30 techies, foodies and marketers in Zurich Binz (and soon Lausanne area), backed by a group of Zurich, London, and Boston-based investors.
We are actively looking to expand our team with brilliant people like you, so check out the job openings below and apply to us now!

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What We're Building

FELFEL changes the way we eat at work by offering great fresh food 24x7 at very reasonable prices, steps away from your desk. We place smart fridges in offices (‘the FELFEL’) and stock them with fresh meals from local chefs. Employees can use their personalized badges to grab an innovative salad, warming soup, or tasty menu and get charged directly to their credit card.

FELFEL makes it easy for us to eat well and healthy at work!

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Jobs at FELFEL


Emanuel Steiner
Founder FELFEL • Worked at @The Boston Consulting Group, @Mongolia International Capital • @ HBS 2010
fahyik yong
self taught programmer looking to conquer the world
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems FELFEL is facing now?
Scaling of our logistics operations
fahyik yong
Web Developer at FELFEL since 2015
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
5 - 10
Emanuel Steiner
Founder at FELFEL

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