Senior Platform Engineer at FATMAP

Berlin · Full Time
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Job Description

You have:

Solid Kubernetes experience in a professional environment
● You have experience scaling Kubernetes (including auto-scaling)
● You have deployed a Kubernetes deployment on AWS
● You've implemented metrics, logging and tracing
● You know how to get under the hood to diagnose issues when things go wrong

Good knowledge of AWS (or GCE)
● EC2 & VPCs
● S3
● DynamoDB
● RDS (Postgres/Aurora)
● Cloudfront
● Route 53

Worked with some of the following technologies
● Golang
● Ruby/Python
● Bash script
● Postgres

Knowledge of fundamentals of GIS
● You can use PostGIS to run basic queries

Your responsibilities:
● As a fast growing company, scaling our systems as we grow will be a core part of your job.
● Building out our metrics, logging and tracing infrastructure to give us full insight into our stack.
● Looking after our AWS & Heroku accounts & infrastructure.
● Managing our external services (CDNs, Databases etc)
● Ensuring security standards throughout our infrastructure.
● Improving the performance and reliability of our tile and data stacks.
● Maintaining and improving our user databases.
● Iterating on our PostGIS adventure databases.
● Mentoring our more junior developers.
● Building on our current engineering processes such as code reviews, pull requests etc.
● Helping us continue to build our engineering culture.

Your profile:
● You're an engineer that can see the bigger picture, you understand why performance and quality is important to our end users and why automated tests and documentation are important to our wider engineering team.
● You care deeply about the quality of the work you produce.
● You can distill complex requirements into a non-complex solution.
● You have excellent communication skills and can explain complicated problems in an easy to understand way.
● You are dynamic and can effortlessly transition between the various facets of the company as required.
● You are a self-starter and comfortable taking the lead on certain aspects of your role.
● You are comfortable mentoring other members of the engineering team.

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What We're Building


- We are pioneers - in the outdoors as well as in tech and mapping. We aim to build the world's best outdoor map. We offer to work with the latest tools on latest mapping technology.
- We love our product and use it as often as possible. We want to make everyday count, spend our time wisely and get lots of fresh air and good views besides the office.
- We strive for quality. Everyone on the team is an expert in his or her field. If you want to thrive in this environment, we are welcoming you.
- We believe we can make the outdoors a safer place through technology so that more outdoor enthusiasts can have better and safer adventures. If you believe in this cause, join us.se.

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