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Realtime APIs made simple

Fanout is an excellent opportunity if you want to get involved in a startup company at an early stage.

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What We're Building

Fanout makes it easy to build realtime APIs and apps. The product is a cross between a reverse proxy and a message broker. Receivers subscribe to channels, and published data is delivered in realtime.

The magic is in Fanout’s proxy-based design, which makes it possible to build secure and reliable realtime APIs that leverage your API stack.

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Fanout Team

Justin Karneges
CEO who codes @Fanout. Past: CTO @Livefyre.
Brian Delaney
UX / UI Designer, Front-End, and iOS Dev. Over 8 years experience helping startups grow.
Daniel Kadvany
Versatile marketer with 5 years of experience launching products at TrialPay (acquired by Visa) and BitTorrent. Specialist in content, GTM, and growth strategy.
Fred Stein
Advisor at Fanout and CoFame/Keiko. I help startups with partnerships, advisors and funding. 15 years experience in mobile interenet.
Jason Kim
Code, pixels, and everything in between.
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Fanout Investors

Matt Tucker
CEO & Co-Founder @Koan. Formerly Co-Founder & CTO @Jive Software
Marten Mickos
Formerly CEO of Eucalyptus, MySQL; SVP at HP, Sun.
Jeff Brown
Founder RoseRock Capital • Studied at @University of Texas at Austin, @South Texas College Of Law
Clint Smith
Management roles at DataStax, MySQL, Macromedia and UUNET. Advisor at Comprehend Systems and RightScale. Board member at Boku, TrialPay, and Yub.
julien ,
@Superfeedr's tireless butler, assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure.
Dan Driscoll
Founder @reQwip | Advisor @Prepify & @Founderati | Past @Expedia, @Universal Sports, @City FC. Studied @the-university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @Pomona College.
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