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Leading Marketplace Connecting Brands to Creators for Branded Content Creation

We are a bunch of smart folks trying to disrupt the YouTube influence marketing space. Read More
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What We're Building

FameBit is a marketplace that connects brands to creators for branded content that is shared with millions of engaged viewers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Vine. FameBit has over 65,000 creators in its influencer network which reach over 5 billion people all over the world.

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FameBit Team

David Kierzkowski
Co-Founder/CEO @FameBit. Head of Product. #500Strong
Agnes Kozera
Co-Founder @FameBit, #500Strong, Studied @York University
Adam Hendle
Director of Community at FameBit
Director of Branded Content Strategy @FameBit.
Todd Gallet
Sales executive at 4 successful ventures in Financial Services and Social Media Marketing. A career in sales, but a passion for fitness and hospitality.
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FameBit Investors

Robert Wuttke
Founder of be2 and C-Date, a profitable $60M+ business. Investor in @Stockpile @Tradeshift @uBiome @Mayvenn @Distribute
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner 500Startups (focused Latam + international); Founder @Brazil Innovators
James Riney
Head of 500 Startups Japan Previously VC @ DeNA, Founder & CEO STORYS.JP
Parker Thompson
Partner @AngelList. Partner @500 Startups. Code+BD @Pivotal Labs. Code @Placesite. Hoarding data @Internet Archive. Digital copyright stuff @UC Berkeley iSchool.
Steve Taylor
Chairman Neighborhood Bancorp Chairman Taylor Asset Management, Inc.
Matthew Romaine
Co-Founder & CEO @Gengo; @Brown University & @Stanford University in CS & Music; ex-@Microsoft, @Sony; OnLab mentor; featured in & WSJ; J+E bilingual
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