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I run global expansion products at Uber. Before that, I started Google Shopping Express.

I'm a 15+ year entrepreneur in the Bay Area, with my fair share of success and failure. My biggest company (Mercantila) was acquired by Google, and at Google I founded Google Trusted Stores and Google Shopping Express. In 2014, I joined Uber to run several of their start-up projects.

With this background, many entrepreneurs come to me and I see a lot of deal flow, and I work closely with many early-stage start-ups, especially in the logistics, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce spaces. My deal flow comes from these mentor/advisor relationships, and it includes both very early-stage deals and follow-on rounds from prior investments. For obvious reasons, I don't do anything that would conflict with Google Shopping Express, but there's a lot of complementary companies/spaces where I get very early exposure.

Many of my deals have limited allocation, so in cases where my Syndicate > Allocation, I will syndicate those privately to my Syndicate. So if you'd like to see these deals, I encourage you to join the Syndicate. However, the trade off is that I have absolutely **no problems** if you opt out of any deals that don't make sense for you, no questions asked, no score kept. I appreciate other Syndicates that take this approach.

Free free to message me with any questions.


I will syndicate all deals where I get sufficient allocation.

Tom Fallows
Cranking @Uber • Founder @Google Express • Founder @Mercantila (acq @Google) • Very active advisor to my portfolio companies.
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Can help with
“Serial founder for past 15 yrs, 8 figure exit & Australia's first "Growth Hacker". I think a lot about all facets of startup growth and...more
Tom has been a true "entrepreneur's friend," advising me through several really sticky situations, especially around fundraising. If you have a chance to work with him, I'd strongly encourage it.
Honestly, I'm not sure if you all want to read an essay, but I could go on and on about how amazing Tom has been facilitating introductions to other investors, customers, and new hires.

He's been incredible in advising me on huge partnerships, building a sales team, and scaling product....more
Tom is in the top 1% of investors who truly understand the ups and down of being a founder. He is extremely product driven and has the experience to back it up. His unconditional support and passion to get involved provides the perfect style of guidance. He is a friend that you can trust and...more
If you are lucky enough to have Tom as an investor, you will quickly realize that you are not dealing with some run-of-the-mill VC. He hustles like a founder, is available day and night, and provides such sound advice, you'll often wonder if you've hit the lottery. Truth is, you have,...more
Tom is the real deal. Always spot on with his advice and will go out of his way to help founders however needed. Thrilled to have him on board!
Tom has the ability to relate and empathize with founders because he is one. From when to turn on monetization to how to do a geo rollout, he's had experience on all fronts -- excited to have him on board and draw advice from those experiences.
Tom is one of those investors who goes way above and beyond the money. In the short time he's been an investor, he's already made a strategic intro that I suspect will be very meaningful to our longterm success. He's been an operator, so he knows what you're going through and is...more
Despite being the guy that runs Google Shopping Express, Tom is incredibly accessible. Our team regularly meets him to provide progress report and discuss different strategies. In addition, Tom is not shy about opening up his Rolodex: if you need an intro, he's got the contact for it....more
Tom has great deal flow, he is totally collaborative, really understands product and is willing to work hard for entrepreneurs when it matters most. We've already been in a few deals together that have had positive outcomes and I really look forward to doing more deals with Tom in the future....more
Tom is a the definition of "value add" when it comes to being an investor. He has a deep understanding of and experience in the on-demand space, is approachable, easy to work with and knows how to guide entrepreneurs as they grow their companies.
Previous co-founder, 20 years working together.
Jonathan D. Kibera
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