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Software Engineer - Security R&D at Fallible

Bengaluru · Full Time
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Job Description

We are a software security startup focused on creating solutions to secure fast growing organisations. Our customers include some of the largest payment networks of the world, fast growing startups and billion dollar companies. In the past, we have helped secure 50+ organisations including a leading bitcoin institution.

We are looking to make our first full-time hire. As a Software Engineer - Security, you would work on developing products and tools that would help secure hundreds of organisations. You would get to responsibly attack the security of several companies without bothering about any repercussions.

What we are looking for -

1. Demonstrated ability to write clean, modular code and deep knowledge of one programming language of your choice. We need to see a large piece of code you wrote, it can be anything from a JavaScript game to an open source security tool. Just send us the link to the projects.

2. Strong understanding of databases specifically SQL, network protocols like SSH, HTTP, DNS etc, operating systems specifically Linux. This is a hard requirement for us since we deal with such things on a day-to-day basis.

3. A basic knowledge of cryptography specifically block and stream ciphers, Public Key Encryption, hashing algorithms, signature mechanisms, commonly used authentication patterns on the web etc.

4. You should be a fast learner. We work with a variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools and as such we do not expect you to know all of them but expect you to pickup them fast.

5. A demonstrated interest in computer security domain would be helpful. This can be anything from a small security tool you wrote, participating in bug bounty programs, blog posts or the interview itself.

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What We're Building

Fallible helps organisations secure their systems and user data. We continuously monitor your setup including external APIs, mobile apps for bugs and server logs for intrusion detection and perform a security assessment whenever we detect code changes in production. We automate as much as possible with existing tools and develop our own when required. We do manual checks wherever necessary (logic flows, payments).

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Fallible Team

Abhishek Anand
Manish Kumar
Full stack, Full Heap, Worked at Yahoo as Trench Digger