Jobs at Falkonry

New, bold approach for improving industrial operations

Industrial IoT is waiting for companies like Falkonry to launch their businesses into the next orbit. Falkonry is a category creating product with $1B revenue potential. Get in on the ground floor to join a top notch entrepreneurial team.

What We're Building

At Falkonry, we envision a world where operational data informs every decision from operator to engineer to management through a creative combination of machine learning and domain knowledge to improve the quality, yield, performance, and safety of industrial operations.

Falkonry’s ready-to-use machine learning system finds invisible patterns inside operational data, generating early warnings and solving the hardest operational problems.

The Falkonry team has extensive experience building and operating machine learning systems, and with managing the complexity of industrial operations. Falkonry serves Global Fortune 2000 industrial companies.

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Jobs at Falkonry

Falkonry Team

Nikunj Mehta
CEO & Founder Falkonry • AI and industrial operations • @oracle-corporation • Studied at @University of Southern California Ph.D. CS, @University Of Mumbai
Crick Waters
Looking for a great team to join full time. Co-founder of @Ribbit. Raised $11M over two years. Sold to BT for $105M.

Falkonry Investors

Ken Ross
I work with early stage Saas/B2B software companies as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and advisor. Graduated from MIT (S.B.) and Stanford (MBA).
Ellen Salisbury
Investor @appbackr, @Yottaa, SignalFire, Airside Mobile, Jurni, Zyudly Labs, talech, Health at Scale, Innovaccer, Telestax, Falkonry, Funnelbeam
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