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A new kind of social network for organizing and sharing information.

Factr evolved out of work done at the United Nations to figure out how new technology and data could make it possible to understand the impacts of global crises in real-time. We are mission-driven, smart, and passionate about solving global problems and building the best platform to do it. Read More
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What We're Building

Factr is a freemium collaboration platform that enables users to quickly and easily gather, organize and share the information that matters to them with the people they trust. It massively reduces the amount of time wasted by organizations and communities staying up to date and creating real-time knowledge archives on any issue that is important to them.

The Factr platform enables its users to break down traditional information silos and collaboratively contribute to and monitor streams of intelligence so they can mobilize and act quickly.

Pilot customers include United Nations agencies, the Canadian Government, the multinational companies, universities and small companies.

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Factr Team

Michael Grossman
• Founder at Factr • Michael Grossman Consulting
Rui Aureliano
iOS Engineer at @Factr iOS & maOS Engineer at @Olá Brothers
Yaakov Beiss
Software Developer experienced in JavaScript, React/Redux Ruby/Ruby on Rails. I previously worked in public accounting. Beyond code I enjoy yoga and writing.

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