Jobs at Factmata

Machine learning to battle misinformation

Our mission is to solve online misinformation by increasing our ability to discern, score and verify content. Our team consists of top researchers in NLP and machine learning, and we are backed by Google's Digital News Initiative. We are building state-of-the-art technology to semi-automatically verify false and biased information in news, media sources, and social media. We're also working on a new, credibility-based social news platform.

What We're Building

Factmata is building a news product which is a community driven fact checking system for claims made in digital media content, such as news articles and Tweets. The product will engages people in the process of correcting news articles, identifying fallible claims, and supporting more accurate information on the web. It will also serve as an annotation pipeline and method of obtaining user input, annotations, labels and scores to inform our content scoring algorithms and fake news detection systems.

Factmata also has a suite of SaaS products for quality and credibility scoring on content, to build an ultimate truth score on the internet. This has applications for investment research scoring, hedge fund trading, programmatic advertising, search engines and more. Our first goal is to apply a contextual brand safety product to RTB, which prevents advertisers from advertising on poor quality information or politically charged content.

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Jobs at Factmata

Factmata Team

Andreas Vlachos
Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, Advisor at Factmata
Sebastian Riedel
Associate Professor at UCL, Co-founder and Head of Research at Bloomsbury AI, Advisor at Factmata, Allen Distinguished Investigator
Barney Jackson
CTO @Factmata. Previously CTO @HandUp. @University of Edinburgh AI & CS. Passionate about social & environmental impact tech, and OSINT
Rishabh Shukla
NLP Research Engineer @Factmata
Benedicte Slee
MSc Intelligent Systems at King's College London, MPhil Chemical Engineering at Cambridge
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Factmata Investors

Sagi Shorrer
Founder @Peak • Worked at @Google
Mario Branciforti
Hands-on strategist and technology investor across SaaS, machine intelligence, internet security and semiconductor markets.
Biz Stone
Dad and husband. Co-founder of Twitter, Medium, and Jelly. Back full time at Twitter, Inc.
Mark Cuban
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures, and the chairman of AXS TV. He is also a "shark" investor on Shark Tank.
Ross Mason
Creator of the Mule project, Founder of MuleSoft. Investor, Advisor.
Jacopo Moretti
analyst, partner, co-founder
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