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Machine learning for content verification

We are changing the world of content using natural language processing by increasing our ability to discern and verify it. We are backed by Google's Digital News Initiative and actively growing to try and solve the problem of false claims made by news, media sources, and politics. Our team consists of top researchers in NLP and machine learning, specifically for fact checking, and building an AI startup on this problem.

What We're Building

Factmata is a claim detection and fact checking system for claims made in digital media content, such as news articles and political speech transcripts. Factmata is built upon academic research in natural language processing.

Our mission is to make fact-checking more automated, more fun and easier. We want to build a product that engages people in the process of correcting news articles, identifying fallible claims, and supporting more accurate information on the web.

Using machine intelligence, we want to empower people to question the content they read on the daily basis, and not take anything for granted.

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Open Positions


Robert Stojnic
CTO at Factmata, previously: PhD at Cambridge, core software developer at Wikipedia, CTO at GeneAdviser.
Yoni Afek
YouTube, Google, Microsoft, and small team start-up experience. Web, Android and iOS for mobile and tablet. Carnegie Mellon '12.
Thiago Galery
I am a Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning specialist using these techniques to solve interesting academic and industry problems.
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