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ExSight Ventures is a leading early stage ophthalmic investor. As such we have the opportunity to invest in the best early stage companies in the space. All investments made through this syndicate will be sourced by ExSight Ventures.

ExSight Ventures consists of leading retina surgeons and experienced investment professionals. Our investors include leading clinicians. We formed ExSight with the purpose of investing in drugs, devices, and diagnostics that improve and preserve vision. Our group draws on deep domaine expertise to identify and bring forward early stage ophthalmology companies.

Investment Thesis

Drawing on our unique domain expertise and utilizing capital efficient techniques, ExSight invests in early-stage companies that are developing breakthrough technologies to aid, diagnose, and treat large populations of those afflicted with vision diseases. You can read more on our site.


Massive macro-trends are requiring new solutions and better solutions for vision care, preservation, and restoration. Our unique focus allows us to access the companies seeking to meet these needs at a critical time in their development when our expertise can add value. In our 5+ plus years since our founding we have seen over 500 companies that fit our otherwise narrow profile. This allows us to diversify across different risk profiles including sector and stage.

Here are a few highlights of the startups we've invested in:


All deals where we can secure a large enough allocation.

ExSight Ventures
ExSight is an early stage VC firm with domain expertise focused specifically on investing in ophthalmic companies that preserve and restore vision.
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